The University of Oklahoma
Agriculture & Artificial Intelligence Survey

You are invited to participate in the USDA-NIFA/NSF funded Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence Study whose goal is to determine processes and technology to increase agricultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. This study seeks to understand public views of government policies on current issues, including your views on agricultural and technology issues. You are being invited to participate in this survey because an association where you are a member or a mailing list to which you belong has sent it out to its members.

If you agree to participate, you will complete this approximately 20-minute online survey.

You will not receive any benefits nor compensation for participating in this survey.

Your participation is voluntary, and your responses will be de-identified before they are shared for research purposes or published. It is possible that due to the demographic questions being asked, participants may be able to be identified if particular answer combinations occur; however, this risk is reduced since survey data will only be reported in the form of statistics based on a large group of people and individual information will not be included in reports.

Even if you choose to participate now, you may stop participating at any time and for any reason. In the unlikely event that any of these questions make you uncomfortable, in most cases you may skip that question and continue with the survey. You may also quit the survey at any time, should you desire to do so. Your data may be used in future research studies, unless you contact me to withdraw your data.

Data are collected via an online survey system that has its own privacy and security policies for keeping your information confidential.

If you have questions about this research project, please contact Dr. David Ebert, PI at If you have any technical or logistical questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Dr. Hank Jenkins-Smith at or (405) 325-1720.

You can also contact the University of Oklahoma – Norman Campus Institutional Review Board at 405-325-8110 or with questions, concerns or complaints about your rights as a research participant, or if you don’t want to talk to the researcher.

By answering the survey questions, I agree to participate in this research. Please print this page for your records.

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This research has been approved by the
University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus IRB.

OU-NC IRB Number: 13090

Approval date: 02/23/2021